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Community / Oct 2019

Theme: Innovation

Innovation is not only the domain of the start-up.  In a world of rapid-fire change, innovation must become a central tenet of all organisations that wish to retain relevance in a changing world. While the creative deity, a la Jobs or Gates, remain seductive, research and data suggest that the job of innovating is no longer a top-down affair.  Institutions must weave innovative thinking into all elements of a business’ fabric as well as their workforce.

This month we go beyond the buzz words and hyperbole to seek the essence of true innovation and the DNA of meaningful disruption.

THOUGHT reveals that true innovation mirrors the arc of human endeavour and seeks to uncover the critical discovery skills necessary for individuals and companies to create new ideas.

GUIDE takes a look at the Accelerator and Incubator phenomenon and how these can be a hotbed of innovative industry.

TREND shows how The Super Experience promises to create a more exciting and compelling workspace, discourage cognitive burnout and ensure a future-proof workforce.

PROFILE interviews Hivery co-founders Jason Hosking and Franki Chemaki, who are innovating the retail sector with AI and deep data.

INSIGHT brings three innovators to the stage to discuss the heady mix of mindset and means that delivers innovation with impact.

And catch our INSIGHT RECAP for the video and podcast of our philanthropy panel.