Inspiring offices, meeting facilities and a curated events program for an innovative business collective. A place where the remarkable happens.


We offer two unique shared office spaces in Sydney’s most dynamic neighbourhood, Surry Hills.


We support your professional requirements without you having to commit to a permanent office.


We provide meeting facilities from the intimate to the impressive for both our residents and external businesses.


We curate a range of cultural programs and business initiatives for our residents and the broader community.

Latest News

Theme: Innovation for the 21st Century
Commerce / 02.10.2017

It’s doing what we’re already good at, but innovating to learn the ways we might be able to do it even better.

Thought: Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Innovative Company
Commerce / 30.09.2017

Learn how Amazon is meshing size and agility to harness the optimism and experimentation of a start-up with the clout of an MNC.

Guide: How Big Business is Thinking Like A Small Start-Up
Culture / 29.09.2017

Innovation is no longer relegated to the domain of tech companies and creative start-ups. Market disruption is big business for both large corporations and agile offshoots.

Trend: 3 Innovators Across Time and What We Can Learn from Them
Commerce / 02.10.2017

Stars as bright as say, Da Vinci may only come around once—but their impact is felt throughout the ages, and there’s still so much we can learn from their life’s work.

How to get Fighting Fit at the Office
Community / 14.08.2017

We have not one, but two free weekly training sessions available for all residents to take up.

Insight: The Business of Innovation
Commerce / 29.09.2017

What does it take to stay ahead of the curve? Join us as three chief innovators explore the science, the art, and the discipline of innovation.

Profile: Chef Nelly Robinson
Community / 29.09.2017

Chef Nelly shares his ingredients for an exceptional dining experience in the heart of Surry Hills.

Table: nel. Restaurant
Community / 29.09.2017

What does innovation taste like? Try it out with Chef Nelly and his storytelling approach to cooking as we take a Table at nel. Restaurant.