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April Theme: Communicating With Cut-Through

The Office Space is immersed in countless worlds, spanning contemporary art and design, publishing, film, fashion, technology and business. Curated in-house and accessible to the public, our event program draws on the most innovative and thoughtful voices from each field, bringing their special insights to panels and talks.


Here, you’ll find upcoming events hosted in our Surry Hills spaces, as well as the latest in business innovation and profiles of our clientele.


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The fundamental purpose of The Office Space is to aid and abet the success of its resident businesses. We are your productivity partners, not your landlord. Here is our scope of the wider business world.

The Office Space enables opportunities between a like-minded network of entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives both within its office walls and amongst a wider, yet connected community. We help you join the dots through participation in our outreach events.

Culture and creativity are the inspirational forces that drive entrepreneurs in all fields of expertise. Here we harness and share this creative zeal and watch and share where and when the remarkable happens.

We invite our office residents, business and local community to engage with like-minded individuals and to share in authentic, interesting and extraordinary experiences and discussions. Keep up to date with our suite of events here.

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We are Hiring!
Community  / Apr 2018

Do you, or does someone you know, have what it takes to join our 5-star concierge team?

Theme: Communication in the 21st Century
Commerce  / Apr 2018

“Stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” This month, we are exploring communication and messaging.

Insight: Communicating with Cut Through
Events  / 24.04.2018

Three communication gurus reveal how to define your message, engage your tribe, and connect across multiple touch points.

Thought: Communicate with Clarity (Part I)
Commerce  / Apr 2018

The old way of doing things is no longer effective, so, here are the new ‘rules’ for communicating with cut through.

Thought: Communicate With Clout (Part II)
Commerce  / Apr 2018

The new competitive edge in marketing is not manipulating the audience to want something, its creating something they want.

Trend: 5 Amazing Ad Campaigns
Commerce  / Apr 2018

From the humorous to the political, confronting, nostalgic, and emotional—here are the ads that got the message across.

Table: Great Aunty Three
Community  / 12.04.2018

Join us for some Vietnamese soul food courtesy of ​Surry Hills favourite, Great Aunty Three.

Profile: Cape Public Relations
Community  / Apr 2018

Cape PR and Spokesperson Media Training deliver no-nonsense advice and powerful communication strategies that work.

Equip: Paramount House Magazine
Culture  / Apr 2018

This month Paramount House is finalising its very own magazine, with a free copy for the first 20 people to respond.

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