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Culture / Jul 2019

Guide: Top 5 Travel Blogs

This year’s European summer has begun, which means thousands of Australians are getting ready to embrace the travel season, receiving their fill of travel opportunities via blogs and social media accounts. The rise of the smartphone has seen major changes in the way we navigate our lives, including the way we travel and what inspires us to select destinations. No longer do we rely on so-called ‘experts’ to guide us or books with out-dated information and recommendations, but rather we look to the ubiquitous material and reporting that exists on the internet compiled by individuals who have a knack for marketing, a passion for writing and most importantly a love of travel with a selection of impressive documentation to paint a portrait of their latest vacations.

User-generated content and blogging has become instrumental in our travel decision-making. A survey on Adweek reported that 52% of Facebook users daydream about travelling when on the page, despite not having made any plans to travel. Followers are given the option to discover deals, places to stay and discreet destinations that are given in real-time. Often, however, it can become difficult to discern quality blogs from one another with the burgeoning influx of travel-related content over the last decade, so it is important to do thorough research to make your online experience the best it can possibly be. Luckily, we have filtered out five of our favourite blogs for you that cover a range of topics, each with original flair in terms of writing, relevance and design to aid you along on your travel plans, give you the best options for business and leisure, or simply just to admire.

David Prior

Birthed by co-founders David Prior and Marc Blazer, both with backgrounds in hospitality and consumer businesses, it seems only natural that they extended their skills and capabilities to create a travellers’ club that presents members with unique experiences and a range of itineraries to select from to suit their tastes. It celebrates the diversity of cultures, traditions and immerses you in the customs of locals with rewarding insights into food and destinations. The blog itself is chic, designed in a coherent layout that is easily digestible for a relaxed read, accompanied by immaculate photography.

Mr. Robinson

Sharing his experiences in a personal and enlightening style, Stephen Robinson writes and curates a blog that conveys a witty and dynamic approach to travel writing, focusing on aspects of travel that resonate predominantly with readers who have spent a large portion of their time in the sky also. Working in the film production industry, he is constantly on the go and as an avid lover of dining and drink, he imparts his thoughts and experiences in a beautifully written, and at times cutting, manner with playful and considered images to elevate the reading experience. From reviews that take a plunge into the elusive world of wine creation, to Italy’s boundless pasta opportunities, the pieces are constantly informative as much as they are entertaining.



Boasting a penchant for luxury travel that has come from a life-long cultivation of experiences, Brent Wallace creates, writes and edits his own travel and lifestyle blog with the intention of providing the best-kept secrets for Australia’s travelling elite. Always setting off with the prospect of new journeys and adventures, Brent offers the latest in global travel trends and shares his first-class knowledge with his faithful clientele and the readers of his revered blog. The photography is plentiful and illustrates what’s on offer in these underground hideaways and global escapes.

The Travel Episodes

For a blog that delivers off-kilter documentation and original content, The Travel Episodes stands out amongst the rest with its timely approach in travel narration. It seeks to incorporate a creative non-fiction element in its style that makes it highly engaging and contemporary, both within its design and writing, utilising immersive sound bites and cinematic imagery to support the stories. Its adventurous spirit implies that travelling is not always attractive or comfortable but transforms your consciousness, leaving tracks on your memory that act as truths to be shared.

Impact Travel Alliance

Specialising in environmental conservation and sustainable living, Impact Travel Alliance is a universal community that has visions of aiding global change through travel. They provide their readers with tips and educate them on how to travel mindfully so that locals are empowered rather than harmed by the effects of tourism, their economies and cultures improved, and the environment protected. They also explore off-beat gems around the world, discovering rare travel destinations in nature that have little to no impact on the environment and support their mission to encourage sustainable travel.