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Events / 29.03.2019

Insight Recap: Female Founders

During the month of March The Office Space was proud to honour the female founders working against the odds to make their business idea a commercial reality. We assembled a line-up of women-led businesses that are giving the men a run for their money:


  • Anthia Koullouros, naturopath, author, and CEO of Ovvio Organics;
  • Alyce Tran, co-founder of the ridiculously successful The Daily Edited monogrammed leather goods business;
  • Cindy Luken, serial entrepreneur and founder of luk beautifood lipsticks made from food.


We love this comment by Cindy as she reflected on the “intimate and insightful female founder session”:

What’s best is I think your audience would have seen there is no recipe for starting and running your own business – it is about how your upbringing shapes you, your values and your drive….and the connections & leanings you make along the way.




Listen on Soundcloud here