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Community / Nov 2018

Theme: Generations

Do you identify with The Brady Bunch, Married with Children, or Modern Family? Or how about a Filofax, a blackberry or an iphone?

Our generation or birth undoubtedly influences our experiences and shapes our preferences, values and behaviours.  This is perhaps no more obvious that in the workplace where, for the first time in history, five generations will soon be working side by side.

This November The Office Space is looking at the Multigenerational Workplace.  Our THOUGHT article looks at the stereotypes broadly attributed to each generational set, and shows how the research challenges many of our assumptions.  We’ve had great fun looking back instead of forward in TREND as we review the food, fashion, technology, music and work styles that have defined our generations.  Our GUIDE article takes the hottest “Drink Dine & Do” tips from a Millennial, a Gen X’er and a Baby Boomer, and PROFILE looks at one multigenerational company that dishes the dirt on the other generations – but all in good fun. Equip features another

For our last INSIGHT of 2018, we have invited a Millennial, a Gen Xer and a (famous) Baby Boomer to take the stage and discuss how they see the world and how they interact within the workplace.