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Business Events & Networking

Events Program and Networking

The Office Space is motivated by real world connectivity – a guided affinity to other inspired business, opportunities, technologies, communities and otherwise soulful pursuits. Therein lies our modus operandi and mandate of Commerce, Community and Culture, informing our process of engagement and our events.

Step inside our buildings and you’ll notice something distinct about the atmosphere—a sense of playfulness and self-expression that seeps from paintings and sculptures, from lush and unexpected furnishings, from the people themselves. While our spaces are designed as calm sanctuaries, they’re also alive with culture: flowers arranged by local artisans climb toward the ceiling, clients meet after hours with friends and colleagues for our boot camps or networking events. We’re here to enrich your time at—and after—work, and help you build authentic connections with the world around you.



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The Office Space is a monthly talk program staged at the intimate Golden Age Cinema—right below our Paramount Space. Three inspiring entrepreneurs reveal their strategic thinking on a theme, be it object designer Henry Wilson, Good Weekend editor Katrina Strickland, or celebrated architect Kevin Ho. Tickets are available via eventbrite.
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The Office Space is a quarterly exchange forum, where residents and guests engage with industry sectors to discuss strategies and new opportunities.
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 The Office Space is our digital advice forum: a place of trend forecasting and skill-sharing. Residents are offered exclusive discounts and offers for their business, courtesy of our existing partnerships.


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 The Office Space is a monthly gathering welcoming new residents, staged at noteworthy places of dining in Surry Hills.
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The Office Space is an opportunity to talk about the amazing people that take up space with us, and celebrate their business journey.
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 The Office Space are monthly post-work gatherings for residents and their friends—be it a book club or outdoor cinematic experiences.


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 The Office Space is our global and local business trends and drivers, shared via expansive blog and Monthly News eDM.
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The Office Space is our annual creative services marketplace held in Harmony Park organised in partnership with the Surry Hills Creative Precinct.
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The Office Space are our pocket-size guides that reveal the latest and greatest places to Dine, Drink and Do in Surry Hills.