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Commerce / Apr 2017

Theme: Lego Batman and the Bussines of Brands

Ahead of the very recent release of The Lego Batman Movie, LEGO was saluted as the most powerful brand in the world on the Brand Finance list for 2017, pipping Google, Nike, Apple and Ferrari at the post. LEGO has also been named the second biggest brand in the UK according to the annual Consumer Superbrands report. Curious, considering the company is in the essential business of making little red plastic bricks and little plastic people with clip on hats, hair and hands. More curious considering how few brands successfully make movies people actually want to see—movies that are effectively one rather lengthy advertisement.

So—how has LEGO stayed relevant in our tech-heavy digital era, and how has it continued to connect with children and families, and continued to inspire our so-saturated and vivid imaginations?

This month we’ll be exploring the power of brand, as a business entity and a powerful, useful and valuable commodity. We’ll be investigating the business of brands in depth with a panel of brand experts and strategists at Insight by The Office Space, while—more practically— we’ve also unearthed some handy and sharp new tools to amplify your brand online. We’ll also be opening the vault to reveal some of our own marketing thinking in a two part series on micro-influencers and micro-moments. Read Part 1 here.

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