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Commerce / Dec 2017

Thought: 2017 - A year in review

As we get to the tail end of 2017, its a great chance to recap the themes and content we’ve brought to you throughout the year.   Take some time to jump into any topics you might have missed, or simply refresh yourself on any that resonated with you and your business.


February: The Business of Benefit

The Ripple Effects of Giving

Reservoir resident Blake Beattie and founder of international Pay it Forward Day, a movement that has inspired over 10 million acts of kindness, shares his views on the simple, generous act of giving and the power of its flow-on effects.


March: Women in Business

Mind The Gap

It’s hard to believe it’s less than a year since President Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.  His controversial path to the White House provoked both outrage and advocacy around gender issues.  Read more about the story so far and the work still to be done.


April: The Business of Brands

The Power of the Micro-influencer, and The Power of the Micro-moment

Connecting a brand with its audience is a critical part of running a business.  In an increasingly saturated marketplace and a user with a decreasing attention space, ‘micro-influencers’ and ‘micro-moments’ are the new secret weapon in brand reach and traction.  Learn about these potent touchpoints that shape preferences along the consumer journey.


May: The Film Business

On Becoming a Business Celebrity

Straddling the themes of branding and film comes our thought piece on personal branding.  Thanks to the internet your business score is available for anyone to search so it’s essential to consider yourself as an brand in your own right.  Read on for lessons in how to manage your personal brand like a boss.


June: The Business of Words

Long Story Short

We have progressively short-handed our communication, whittling down in the span of a generation from hand-writing letters, to fax, to email, to SMS, to a single emoji.  In June, we revealed why we take the time (and the word count) to explore our monthly themes, and how to ensure a balanced diet of both long and short media.


July: The Business of Investment

Investing 101 and Financial Advice from the World’s Richest (and Smartest)

Once a tool for the rich, the stock market is no longer just for pinot-swilling hedge fund managers. In another 2-part series for the year, we first cut through the jargon to unpack the key principles behind investment, and then reflected on some of the top tips from some of the world’s top money makers.


August: The Business of Design

Knock-off Nation

With an article that first appeared in VAULT Magazine, our digital strategy consultant and freelance art journalist Sammy Preston reflects on the highly controversial Australian copyright laws (or lack thereof) that fail to sufficiently protect original design, creativity and innovation in Australia.


September: The Business of Community

Building A Powerful Branded Community

Alongside Commerce and Culture, Community is a mainstay of The Office Space’s mission statement. We work hard to achieve an interconnected business community that is socially inclusive and symbiotic rather than competitive. This month we looked at how a strong community strategy can also increase customer loyalty, lower marketing costs, authenticate your brand, and yield an influx of ideas to grow the business.


October: The Business of Innovation

Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Innovative Company

The imperative to innovate is not just a competitive advantage – it’s an essential practice for every company to avoid becoming obsolete.  We had a good hard look at the world’s most innovative company (FAST COMPANY, 2017), Amazon, and dissected how it meshes size and agility, to harness the optimism and experimentation of a start-up with the clout of an MNC.


November: The Business of Health

Check Your Business Pulse

Appreciating that “Prevention is Better than Cure”, we encouraged you to take your business pulse with our head-to-toe guide to best business health.  It’s also a great chance to remind you of all the initiatives we have brought to the workplace this year to support your personal wellbeing.  In 2017 we’ve brought you a happiness masterclass with Dr Saamdu Chetri, biweekly bootcamp and boxing classes, a fermentation workshop, and plenty of healthy table luncheons.


Just as Blake Beattie has done this year, we’d love you to consider contributing to a thought-leadership article next year.  As we use the next few months to plan out our 2018 program, we’d love to have your input.  Please drop us a line at or complete this quick tick box of some suggested themes for 2018.